BGS350 began life as an idea about using a mechanism or device from the world of science to frame an artistic enquiry. 350 is the sheet number of the geology map of Torbay.

Lying deep in the project are questions about knowledge and belonging: ‘can geology change our perception of place and environment? What would change if we had a clearer picture of the events that have formed the land we call home?

Torbay's sea-line cuts a fine section through the geology and its movements in the last 45000 years track periods dramatic climate instability and calm. The sea-line has had a defining influence on human occupancy.

In this thought the project gained its frame, the five meter contour:

“a line on a map joining points of equal height above or below sea level.”


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Landscape research is the act of looking and thinking at the same time, photographs are a record of this activity.